South Africa’s West Coast Spring Flowers

The African continent is massive (the USA, China, India, Europe and Japan – all fit into the continent of Africa!) and there are 54 nations.   South Africa is one of Richard’s favorite countries in Africa and is approximately twice the size of Texas. In fact South Africa’s marketing slogan was “A World in One Country” and no matter how many times Richard visits, there is always something new to discover in South Africa.  The West Coast of South Africa  is a fascinating and unexplored region of the country – unpretentious and beautiful. In spring the area erupts in endless fields of wild flowers – a natural spectacle that will appeal to everyone, not just those with green fingers or Richard’s mother!

Richard shares some interesting facts about exploring the Wildflowers of the region in spring. He can assist with travel advice, places of interest or help organize a visit to view the spring flowers of the West Coast of South Africa.

1) The Spring Flowers along the West Coast of South Africa have earned international attention. During the months of August and September 4,000 variations of wildlfowers erupt in bloom.

2) This area of South Africa receives very little rain throughout the year but in winter, between the months of May and July, the rains come.

3) The varied species of wildflowers is due to the varied topography of the region where the arid mountainous regions of the highveld meet the semi arid desert plains that run into the soft sands of the coast.

4) The wildflowers begin blooming in the north in Namaqualand and then spread further south into Nieuwoudtville through the Cedarberg and into the West Coast.

5) The wildflowers are dependent upon the winter rains to produce the energy needed to bloom in spring. However, once the blooming season begins the wildflowers will only open when the sun is out.

6)  The wildflower blooms will follow the path of the sun during the day so it is best to plan your drive to be facing west in the morning and east in the afternoon.

7) The flowers are best viewed between the hours of 10h00AM and 04h30PM.

8) The Clanwilliam Flower Show is a big attraction amongst the flower enthusiasts. Held over the last weekend of August the event showcases the over 400 species from 32 different families.

9) It is quite easy to access these wildflowers areas on your own. There are easy to follow roads and directions along the way. Should you be interested in a full tour there are a number of companies with whom we operate that can offer you a number of options.

10) In addition to the wildflowers you will be able to enjoy a large number of antelope including springbok, blesbok, eland and zebra. There is a large herd of eland in the West Coast National Park. In addition, along the coast you will be able to see the migratory South Right Whales in their winter/spring territorial waters.

Richard has more than 12 years of personal travel in Africa, in addition to guiding and planning trips and itineraries for his clients. He has seen and experienced most of Southern and East Africa and is continuously staying up to date and researching the latest news, lodges, accommodation and travel logistics. If you need advice or a chat….. just ASK RICHARD


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