Marine 5 – Cape Fur Seal

When visiting Africa, the Big Five are on top of everyone’s bucket list. Seeing the Big 5 on safari is often the Number One reason to visit the African Continent- safari.   Richard has always maintained that Africa has more surprises and more wildlife than most people can possibly imagine.

Seeking the lesser known but no less majestic – the Marine 5 are becoming more and more popular on a visit to Africa. So brace yourself for the magnificent Marine 5 and the “Serengeti of the Sea”. The Marine 5 includes whales, sharks, seals, penguins and dolphins, ocean creatures particularly popular at the southern tip of Africa.

The bountiful waters of South Africa are home to all five of the Marine 5, and can be viewed when on a safari trip to South Africa.   Richard shares some of his favourite facts about each of these iconic species of the ocean, that he personally discovered whilst in Africa. In this post he shares interesting facts about the gregarious and playful Cape Fur Seals – the only resident seal in South Africa.

  • Cape Fur Seals can be found from the Western Cape of South Africa up the western coast of Africa into the cold Atlantic waters of Namibia and near the Angolan border.
  • Adult male fur seals can measure up to 6 feet in length and weigh over 600 pounds. Females are much smaller and only weigh up to 200 pounds.
  • There are 25 known breeding colonies up the South African and Namibian coasts.
  • The Cape Fur Seal is known as the primary food source for Great White Sharks. It is at these breeding colonies where most feeding action can be witnessed.
  • Females give birth to a single pup between mid November and mid December.
  • Sadly, the Namibian government sanctions the killing of thousands of adult and baby seals every year.
  • Male fur seals vie for dominance. When reproduction season begins a male can have as many as 50 females in his harem.
  • Baby fur seals are approximately 15 pounds at birth. Within 6 months they can go to sea with their mothers for a few days at a time.
  • Cape Fur Seals can hold their breath for as long as 10 minutes and can dive to depths of 1,500 feet.

Richard has more than 12 years of personal travel in Africa, in addition to guiding and planning trips and itineraries for his clients. He has seen and experienced most of Southern and East Africa and is continuously staying up to date and researching the latest news, lodges, accommodation and travel logistics. If you need advice or a chat….. just ASK RICHARD!

Check out this video of diving with seals in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa – a great activity to do whilst in the Mother City.

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