Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Iconic Table Mountain looms large over the city of Cape Town and is the classic welcome committee for visitors to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa and Table Mountain one of the star attractions.  In spite of the accolades, Table Mountain can be accessed easily and is a spectacle of nature, views and picture perfect moments, without being over-done. It’s one of those bucket list items in Africa.


Richard shares some interesting facts about Table Mountain. He can assist with travel advice, places of interest in and around Table Mountain and with accommodation in Cape Town.  In fact Richard can  help organize a visit to Cape Town with an ascent of Table Mountain or guide you himself!

1) Cape Town‘s most famous and top attraction is Table Mountain.


2) Table Mountain is 3,500 feet high and resting less than a mile from the white sand, palm tree lined beaches of Cape Town. For us east coast Americans such a geographic combination would be akin to dragging the Blue Ridge Mountains down to Destin, Florida or Hilton Head, South Carolina. There is a reason the renowned English explorer, Sir Francis Drake, called it the fairest cape in the world.

3) Table Mountain is flat at the top. The 2 mile wide plateau found at the summit offers hikers many routes to enjoy while taking in the views from the top.


4) Table Mountain is large enough to create its own weather. Quite often Cape Town can be filled with sunshine and void of clouds aside from a single cloud covering or hovering over Table Mountain. Such an occurrence is referred to as the “Table Cloth”.

5) There are over 2,200 species of plants found on Table Mountain, some of which are only found on the mountain.


6)  On the east side of the mountain is Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. A popular day trip is to hike up the west side of Table Mountain (should take 2 – 3 hours), enjoy lunch at the top and then hike down into Kirstenbosch in the afternoon.

7) On a clear day visibility at the top of Table Mountain can reach 60 miles offering unobstructed views of the city of Cape Town and Robben Island.

8) Table Mountain boasts over 350 hiking trails. The hikes do not appear to be so challenging at the base but do not be mistaken. Always best to hike the mountain early in the morning in warm weather and always bring along a couple liters of water. In cooler months it is fine to start your ascent in the middle of the day.

9) Table Mountain is well known and popular for a reason. In 2012 it was listed as one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature in the world.

10) You will meet some friendly people during your time on Table Mountain. In 2014 Capetonians were ranked as the 8th most friendly people in the world.

11) At the top of Table Mountain hikers can find plenty of water reservoirs in which to enjoy a swim on a warm afternoon.

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