When mentioning an African holiday, most people will probably think of a safari tour, a visit to an ancient Egyptian monument or perhaps a trip to Cape Town or Marrakesh. However, Africa also has some amazing islands lying off its coasts.

If you are searching for that honeymoon destination with palm trees and sandy beaches, skip the traditional old favourites and think about African islands.  The huge landmass that is Africa is splattered with sand-fringed islands, seafood, laid back island life, birds, wildlife, culture, history, surfing and water activities.

Mauritius is one of those islands with typical tropical beaches and palm trees to rival those of the Caribbean and a lot more besides. Accommodation is plentiful and ranges from resorts to self-catering bungalows on the beach. Richard recommends getting out of the resorts and exploring the multi-cultural African island and a personal favorite destination in Africa.

Richard shares some interesting and lesser known facts about the country and it’s attractions and places of interest. Richard can assist with travel advice, places of interest or help you organize a tour to visit Mauritius Ask Richard now.

1) Mauritius is a tropical island located approximately 1,200 miles off the east coast of Africa. It is a haven for sun seeking tourists.

2) Mauritius is about the same size as the island of Maui and measures about 40 miles long by 45 miles wide. It has about 200 miles of white sand, palm tree lined coast.

3) The populace is bilingual in the languages of French and English. Creole is spoken in the homes of many of the Mauritians.

4) The primary agricultural product of Mauritius is sugar cane. 85% of the arable land is utilized for the growth of sugar cane. Try the raw version while you are there!

5) The coastline of Mauritius is teeming with resorts that cater to the tourists seeking sun, sand, watersports and quiet.

6)  Mauritius has a mountainous area offering tourists the chance to hike and enjoy a different ecosystem. The highest peak reaches 2,700 feet.

7) The world’s third largest coral reef surrounds Mauritius offering excellent scuba diving opportunities.

8) Among all developing countries Mauritius has the highest life expectancy of 73 years. They must be doing something right out there in the Indian Ocean.

9) The food in Mauritius is excellent in offering a fusion of the Indian and Asian cultures prevalent on the island for the last 300 years.

10) Mark Twain has been quoted as saying, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and then that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Richard has more than 12 years of personal travel in Africa, in addition to guiding and planning trips and itineraries for his clients. He has seen and experienced most of Southern and East Africa and is continuously staying up to date and researching the latest news, lodges, accommodation and travel logistics. If you need advice or a chat….. just ASK RICHARD!

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